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Healing Your Stories group starts again Fri 26th May, and the last Fri evening in the month, 7.30pm til 10pm in Pitstone. Come and explore your story, your past and present life. Shift emotions and energy with specialist techniques and share time with like-minded people. Very small intimate group, max 6 people. £8 per session. First session is free.

Email or Tel/text me 07717 471 584 to book.

"I have attended Rachel's healing stories group twice now and I am looking forward to the next one. It is a very welcoming and safe space and was lovely to share time with such nice, like-minded people. Both times Rachel has helped me heal a story of mine... lots of tears but worth it for the healing. Thank you Rachel for everything you do. xxxx" Michelle, Pitstone

"I attended Rachel's healing stories group for the first time. It was a welcoming space with a cohesive group of lovely people and our energy seemed to blend naturally. Rachel is a very skilled and intuitive healer, therapist and facilitator, as we shared openly and honestly, there were tears and laughter and much healing. A superb evening, just amazing." Christine, Leighton Buzzard

What people are saying about other workshops.

"loved sharing experiences and learning techniques"

"thank you for a wonderful enlightening course"

"really enjoyed learning with Rachel, course exceeded my expectations and surprised me"

"thank you!"

"it has been a wonderful experience with lovely people. I feel like this is the start of my healing journey"

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Healing Stories Group. Last Fri of the month. All Welcome

"Healing Stories" Group Small friendly group in Pitstone, a chance to tell your story and receive emotional healing at a fraction of the cost. Last Fri of the month 7.30pm until 10pm (ish). £8 for one session.

We all have stories. Millions and millions of little stories that make up our lives. What we had for breakfast, what we did last week, what has happened to us in the past, how our boss humiliated us or how we hated school. These stories make up who we are, how we behave, they determine our world. In my opinion if we want to be happier, more confident, more fulfilled, if we want our lives to be different in some way, we have to heal our stories. And often it’s the little ones that cause us the most bother, the ones that sneak under the radar, the ones we assume are insignificant, are irrelevant, we shouldn’t bother thinking about or bothering anyone with. This is a group to voice the things which are currently going on in your lives, the small niggly irritations and/or the bigger things, possibly even the things from our past which are holding us back, the memories, the lack of confidence, self esteem etc, and to receive healing for them to feel better emotionally and physically

This is a group to voice the things which are currently going on in your lives, the small niggly irritations and/or the bigger things, possibly even the things from our past which are holding us back, the memories, the lack of confidence, self esteem etc.

People have voiced concern that they do not have anything 'big' or 'traumatic' to talk about. This is exactly the point; you are welcome to bring the big stories, the little stories and everything in between.

This is not about comparing your story with someone else's. All stories are welcome and I hope you will all support eachother in confidence. We may talk in the group or in pairs. You don't have to come to the group knowing what to talk about; in some respects it is even better to allow it to arise spontaneously.

After this part of the evening, where everyone who wishes to will have the chance to speak, one or more people, time-allowing, will receive 1:1 healing with myself, within the group.

In this way everyone will 'borrow benefits' and also learn the healing techniques to use at home for themselves. I will also be giving hand outs with instructions on emotional freedom technique and others techniques.

This is an opportunity to connect with like-minded people, express yourself freely and receive healing at a hugely reduced price

Email or tel/text me 07717 471 584 to book.

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Deepen Your Debrief Workshop for Doulas, Midwives and other birth professionals

Birth Story Healing Workshop

Next Workshops:
To be arranged.

A workshop for Doulas, Midwives and others involved with birth afterthought, debrief etc. This workshop can be adapted for your specific needs and interests. In it I include information that I have learnt from Birth Story Listening courses, including those run by Rebecca Wright and Pam England, and mind-body courses such as access consciousness and EFT.

I am currently organising my dates for 2017 (eek!). Please do contact me if you would like me to travel to you to run a workshop. I don't charge for enquiries! So if you have any queries, want more information, are fact-finding or just curious, give me a call. It's 07717 471 584, or email timeandspace@outlook.com

What people are saying

"Rachel is fantastic at giving space and trust to talk about things. You feel deeply and safe and respected with her presence."

"Rachel is very professional and great at sharing her wisdom and skills. Very healing and I look forward to bringing it into my practice."

"The workshop was so much more than I thought it would be. Rachel is lovely and confident in her knowledge and being. An important course for any doula or person working with people one to one."

"I really value what I have learnt today especially the new healing and mind-body techniques"

"I will encorporate it into my care package."

Workshops and Groups. deepenyourdebrief

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