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Types of Massages

Not sure what you want or need? Don't worry, we can discuss it at your first appointment.

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Your very first treatment is always for one hour with a short consultation.

For your very first massage with me, take advantage of the introductory price of £40 for one, or £60 for two.
This also applies to vouchers bought for new clients, AND to pregnancy and emotional release massage. Bargain!.

For full prices, scroll to the bottom of the page.

Each treatment is bespoke; we will always discuss which areas you wish to focus on and what pressure you would like.

Conditions which benefit from massage are:

  • Headaches
  • Tight muscles
  • Aching muscles
  • Back ache
  • Neck ache
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • High blood pressure
  • Boost immune system
  • Caesarean scar pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Arthritis
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Postnatal aches
  • Circulation

  • Emotional Release Massage £65, up to 75 mins

    This is for you if you are are feeling hectic, unfocussed, overwhelmed or emotional.
    I use a mixture of massage, intuition and reiki to address deep-seated emotional or physical stress in the body.
    All whilst you relax!
    You can expect to feel peaceful, relaxed and released with this treatment, like something has lifted.

    It also includes a Body Reading at the end of the massage. This is where I let you know which emotions I found, how your chakras were and whether I received any messages from spirit. I may also give you a reading about what is happening in your life or past life that is contributing to your present symptoms. If you DONT want this, please let me know at the beginning of the treatment.

    Massage. massageintuitivehealing

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    "What a great treatment!! I just relaxed and Rachel went where she was drawn to. I was feeling emotional about a recent event and had tight shoulders and back. By the end I felt so much better". Vanessa, Wendover

    Intention Massage £45

    Would you like relief for a specific ache, pain or niggle that just won't go away?
    This is the massage for you!
    A very targeted massage including deep tissue for shoulders, sciatica, neck, back or whatever is bothering you.

    Massage. massageintention

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    "I went to Rachel in desperation with sciatica. I didn't think she could do much but after 2 treatments the pain had pretty much gone". Martin, Leighton Buzzard

    Pregnancy Massage £50

    Would you like relief from hip pain, back pain, sciatica, carpal tunnel, tiredness, insomnia?
    Or just want some 'me' time?
    If you are 0-42+ weeks pregnant, this is the massage for you.
    As a former midwife I am trained to give a firmer massage depending on your preference, and am more than happy to answer any pregnancy/birth/postnatal questions you may have, especially around hopes and fears.


    Massage. pregnancy massage

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    "Rachel, thank you for an amazing massage. All my pregnancy aches and pains were soothed away. Seriously folks, I had the worst back pain when I went to see Rachel and after the most relaxing hour of massage it had pretty much disappeared and has been more manageable since. I would highly recommend a trip to this lovely lady for relaxation, relief or general wellbeing." Clare, Berkhamsted.

    Swedish Holistic Massage £45

    You can expect to feel totally relaxed and pampered with this treatment.
    A mixture of pampering and deeper work into any problem areas, may also include thai yoga stretches as appropriate.
    You are in charge, I always ask which areas you would like massaged, and check in about pressure.

    Massage. massageswedishholistic

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    "This was one of the best massages I have had. Rachel got the pressure just right and I was able to fully switch off and relax". Deborah, Tring

    Zing Massage £45

    If you have been feeling low on energy, lethargic or depressed, this may be the massage for you. You can expect to feel reenergised, recharged and revitalised.
    We use quicker, stronger strokes and percussion to wake up the muscles and circulation, leaving you feeling more refreshed and lively.

    Massage. massagezing

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    "I never knew a massage could perk you up! I had been low on energy and this was just what I needed. Thank you so much. I will be back". Sue, Ivinghoe

    Prepare your Body for Labour Massage 39+ weeks £50

    You can expect to feel very relaxed and nurtured with this massage.
    If you are over 39 weeks pregnant, looking to prepare your body for labour, or even kick-start the process, this is the massage for you.
    We use relaxation, acupressure points and essential oils to get your body prepared.
    Unpublished studies have shown a 5% chance of going into labour following this massage, also average shorter labour times, even if you have an induction.

    Massage. massagepostdates

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    "The treatment was worth it in itself just for the relaxation and the comfort of the couch. I could have slept there for ages. Rachel was so kind and gave me the remainder of the oil to take home". Emily, Berkhamsted

    Postnatal Massage £45

    You can expect relief from those achey shoulders and to feel seriously relaxed.
    If you have been full on, busy or not finding time for yourself, this massage might be just what you need!
    Vouchers are available.

    Massage. massagepostnatal

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    "It was wonderful to have an hour to myself. Rachel also relieved the tension in my neck and shoulders from carrying and feeding. The relief! Thank you so much, I would have struggled without you". Carly, Tring

    Tibetan Massage £45

    If you have been feeling stressed, out of balance or low on energy recently, this might be the treatment for you.
    You can expect to feel blissed out, pampered and deeply relaxed.
    We use tibetan bells, massage, acupressure points and reiki to heal at a very deep level and balance the chakras.

    Massage. tibetan massage

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    "Tibetan massage must be one of the most treatments I have ever experienced. It's incredibly gentle and takes you to a deep place of relaxation. I haven't been so zoned out in ages". Emma, Chesham

    Chakra Balancing with Reiki £45

    You can expect to feel more balanced, relaxed and grounded following this treatment.
    If you are feeling out of balance, have sore knees, insomnia, depression or are feeling emotional, this may be the treatment for you.
    It is also the treatment for you if you don't want massage.
    You lay down on the couch, fully clothed under the blanket.
    It is a very still, deep and relaxing treatment. I may place my hands on or off the body for healing.
    If you wish to combine it with massage you need to take the Intuitive Healing Massage or Tibetan Massage.

    Massage. reiki

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    "Rachel is a great listener and so easy to talk to which makes it worth going for just for the chat! For my first Reiki session ever I was completely blown away. I have travelled to the Peruvian Amazon and had healing work with the Shaman. There were differences between the two but the treatment with Rachel was just as powerful. A truly extraordinary experience worth trying out. I will definitely be going again." David, Tring



    Your first ever treatment costs £40, OR if you like it, buy two for £60.

    Follow up prices are below:

    Emotional Release Massage
    75 mins £65 (3 sessions for £185)

    Pregnancy or Postdates Massage
    60 mins £50 (3 sessions for £140)

    All other treatments
    30 mins £25 (3 sessions for £70)
    60 mins £45 (3 sessions for £130, 6 sessions £240)

    Ts and Cs apply: sorry, no refunds available on packages, but you can put the treatments towards something else. Pregnancy massages can be used postnatally. For rearranging treatments I require 24 hours notice except in an emergency, or the full amount may be payable.

    You can book all treatments here

    Not sure which one you need? No worries, just book an initial treatment and we will discuss it when you come.

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